Letter of evaluation for internship in finance field essay

The intern has ability to take on the responsibility according to goals of work. The intern is indubitably a team player, whose matured and valuable suggestions and ideas helps to find a solution during team work or discussion. The intern follows all the given instructions in the direct way and has excellent skills of accuracy and efficiency when producing financial plans (cash flows, capital plans and budgets). The intern’s general skills and knowledge of the finance field is enough to use them effectively. The intern is able to think creatively, critically and independently. The intern’s promptness and willingness to learn new skills and gain knowledge make him able to use appropriate tools and techniques, numbers and statistics, the financial information, which helps to make logical decisions. The intern has an ability to work under the great pressure of deadline, to work with clients and colleagues. He has an interest in job and is mature.

Areas for improvement:

The intern has difficulties with monitoring against plans of finances and ethic in office because the intern’s experience in finance field is not enough, thus, it must be improved. The point is that professional ethic principles are not understood by the intern on the needed level. Few times he had misunderstandings with clients. The intern has negative reaction on the criticism of his actions. The only reason of this weakness of the intern is the lack of the experience and working in team.


On my opinion, considering all strong and weak sides of the intern’s characteristic, eventually he will succeed in the finance area, because he has several main skills, which are definitely needed at the start of the career, they are: promptness, maturity, interest in job and accuracy. The most significant strength of the intern is his ability to critical thinking and making logical, well – considered and well – weighted solutions. I think that the intern should receive an excellent grade, because all his weakness will disappear while gaining an experience in the finance field. The intern gained a lot of important skills such as: to learn professional ethic principles, to product financial plans and schemes, to work in the team, an exceptional ability to think independently and to make valuable and sound decisions, achieving designed goals.

The intern has an ability to evaluate the received financial information with the use of appropriate methods and techniques. One of the most significant characteristics of the intern is his flexibility. He is reliable and responsible, which can allow charging him work that need exceptional accuracy. The skills of the intern in the areas of computer, telephone, fax and other technical equipment are excellent. Moreover, using professional computer programs, making graphs and tabs, using statistical numbers are on high level. From the foregoing it follows that the intern has a good opportunity to succeed in finance field, including his interest and striving to improvement.

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