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The positioning of Powder Express is quite beneficial for the company because, at the moment, the company positions itself as the only company providing transportation services in the area. In such a way, the company holds virtually monopolistic position in the market and can develop its business successfully. At the same time, the company should avoid misusing its position in the market because, if the customer provides poor transportation services or if its transportation services are unsafe for customers, they are likely to prefer going on foot than using transportation services offered by Powder Express. Obviously, the company should pay a lot of attention to the quality of its services to use the full potential of its unique position in the market. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the risk of the appearance of substitutes or competitors is high and the current position of the company may be challenged. This is why the right position of Powder Express in the market is extremely important for the overall success of its marketing strategy.
3.6 Strategy Pyramids
The marketing strategy is crucial for the company’s marketing success. In this respect, Powder Express develops a complex marketing strategy because it has to take into consideration not only tools and methods that may be used to reach the marketing and financial goals, but the marketing strategy of the company should take into consideration multiple factors. At this point, the strategy pyramid should be viewed in two dimensions. First, the implementation of the marketing strategy dimension is crucial because it involves the mechanism of the elaboration and implementation of the marketing strategy of the company. In this regard, the company should define clearly its strategy, which involves the clear definition of strategic goals the company has to achieve and the definition of mechanism how the company will reach the strategic goals. The next layer in the strategic pyramid is the elaboration of tactics with the help of which the company can reach its strategic goals. The company should take into consideration the current business environment, customer behavior, resources available to the company and other factors to choose the right tactics to meet its strategic goals. At the moment, the right tactics for Powder Express will be to provide transportation services of the high quality at affordable price attracting a large number of customers because the company is the only transportation service provider in the area. Finally, the company should develop specific programs to implement the tactics and complete its strategic goals. Programs should include specific steps toward the achievement of its strategic goals, such as the transportation program, which should include the purchase of vehicles, training of drivers, and organization of routes. The customer service program should include the work of employees of the company with clients, offering them additional services, such as guiding them through the area, etc.
Another dimension of the strategy pyramid is the complex development and implementation of the marketing strategy in the context of the organization and its marketing goals. To put it more precisely, along with the implementation of the marketing strategy proper, the company has to take into consideration mission, vision and values of the company, which lay the foundation to the marketing strategy selected by the company. In fact, mission, vision and values define marketing goals, which the marketing strategy has to achieve. The marketing strategy will just define how the company will achieve the set goals within the framework of the marketing mission, vision and values of Powder Express.
Furthermore, the company should develop tools of measurement before the implementation of the marketing strategy. The measurement is essential to understand whether the company fulfills its marketing strategy successfully or not. In this regard, Powder Express can use balanced scorecards which can help to measure the customer satisfaction, the marketing performance of the company and to assess whether the company meets its strategic marketing goals or not. After that, the company can develop the implementation plans which focus on specific tactics to meet the marketing strategy’s goals. Each implementation plan is developed and implemented at the organizational level but the successful accomplishment of the implementation plan needs the effective performance of each employee. Therefore, each employee should have his/her own personal plan, which includes specific goals and functions the employee has to perform to help the organization to complete the implementation plan and to meet strategic and marketing goals.

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