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Powder Express offers transportation services. Therefore, its services will be related to transportation of customers. Powder Express will deliver its transportation services to customers in Loveland and Berthoud Mountain passes. The transportation services will be delivered to skiers and snowboarders. The company will make its transportation services comfortable and fun. For this purpose, the company will use comfortable buses equipped with comfortable seats, television, climate control system and entertaining services, which customers may order supplementary to the trip. This means that the company services should not be limited to the transportation alone. What is meant here is the fact that the company will offer transportation services proper. The company will deliver customers to different destinations within the area of its operations. At the same time, the company can introduce additional services, which customers may like to use. For instance, the company can offer customers guides, who would help them to travel throughout the area and to learn interesting information. Also, the company can offer its customers a snack during the travel. In other words, as customers are using transportation services, they can have a snack. In such a way, the company can offer diverse services but they are related to the transportation service, which is the core service offered by the company in the market.
In addition, buses will deliver shuttle services for skiers and snowboarders in Loveland and Berthoud Passes. The buses will deliver customers up and down the mountain. As there are no shuttle services in the area at the moment, the company can take advantage of its position in the market.
At this point, the positioning of the company is very important. Powder Express positions itself as the company providing transportation shuttle services for skiers and snowboarders in Loveland and Berthoud Passes. The company holds the unique position in the market because there are no rivals at the moment and Powder Express can hold the virtually monopolistic position in the transportation services in the market.
3.7.2 Pricing
At the moment, the pricing policy of Powder Express should be flexible to attract customers and to meet their buying power. Powder Express focuses on setting the price $3 per ride and $12 per day. Customers can buy a one ride ticket or a day ticket that will allow them using Powder Express’ services as much as they need in the course of the day. In such a way, the company can reach the high level of the customer satisfaction and increase its revenues for customers can benefit from buying day tickets, which are more expensive but have unlimited amount of trips during the day. The company plans to increase its revenues by 75% in a year, 30% in two years, 35% in three years, 25% in four years, and 10% in five years. Thus, the company is going to almost triple its revenues in the course of six year period of operations. The affordable price can help to meet this goal and attract customers to Powder Express’ services. The offer of a $12 day ticket will be attractive for customers and beneficial for the company. In addition, a day ticket will increase the customer loyalty because they will grow accustomed to using the company’s services.
In addition, the company will offer its loyal customers, who use services of Powder Express on the regular basis, all season packages, which include discounts for loyal customers. The price of one ride will drop to $1,75 per ride and $10 per day for loyal customers in terms of al season packages. In addition, the company will offer special discounts for customers during the summer time. The summer discounts may reach 25% of the normal price of the company’s services, i.e. $1,5 per ride and $9 per day. The company can offer discounts for children reducing the price of tickets down to 50%.

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