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Custom essays: Pursuit of Happiness

During many centuries people were looking for the recipe happiness. But the question “What makes us happy?” still needs the answer. There is no recipe of happiness. It is very individual concept, though there are some general statements that can help person to feel complete. These statements were noted in the article “What makes us happy?” by Joshua Wolf Shenk. Some parts of the text deserve to take the place at...

Buy an essay: Mike Duke and Wal-Mart.

Mike Duke is quite a controversial CEO in regard to stakeholders of Wal-Mart. As the matter of fact, he has managed to maintain a positive organizational performance and maintains the steady development of the company but, at the same time, the company still faces lawsuits from the part of employees and the dissatisfaction of customers and communities with policies conducted by Wal-Mart are still strong. On the other hand, his subordinates and other executives of...

Buy an essay: Mike Duke is the CEO of Wal-Mart

Mike Duke is the CEO of Wal-Mart. He joined the company in 1995 and started his career in Wal-Mart successfully. Mike Duke revealed his leadership skills and abilities from the beginning of his work. His leadership was innate because he had the charisma, which can be acquired in the course of the personal or professional development. At the same time, he work purposefully on the development of his leadership skills and abilities. He paid a...