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The positioning of Powder Express is quite beneficial for the company because, at the moment, the company positions itself as the only company providing transportation services in the area. In such a way, the company holds virtually monopolistic position in the market and can develop its business successfully. At the same time, the company should avoid misusing its position in the market because, if the customer provides poor transportation services or if its transportation services...

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3.1 Mission The mission of the Powder Express is to deliver services of the high quality to reach the high level of the customer satisfaction and serve to interests of the local community. In such a way, the mission of the company focuses on the creation of the positive image of the company in the market and attraction a possibly larger number of customers due to its high quality of services. The community support of the...

Custom essays on Marketing Plan of Wooldale

Preliminary marketing objectives One of the preliminary marketing objectives of the company is to attract customers and to develop their loyalty to the brand of the company. Furthermore, the company should develop supply chains cooperating with local suppliers. The company should sign contracts with local farmers to ensure the stable supply of organic products. 6 The target market The target market of the company should be limited to the local community. The company should maintain its three stores...

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Threats The major threats, the Wooldale Co-operative Society is currently facing is the ongoing deterioration of the business environment. The low buying power and low spending of customers provoke the ongoing deterioration of the position of the company in the market. If the deterioration of the economic situation carries on, the company will face even greater difficulties and challenges. In this regard, the appearance of such rivals as Tesco and Lidl may be disastrous for the...