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The case of NES AG in China reveals the full extent to which entering a new market may be challenging for the company. In fact, NES AG is a European company, which has an extensive experience of operations in different countries of the world. Nevertheless, at the moment, the company faces considerable problems in China because traditional methods and strategies used by the company in Europe and other countries do not always work in China....

Immigrant Integration Essay

In actuality, the integration of immigrants and minorities in the mainstream culture and socio-economic relations raises a number of problems but immigrants and representatives of minorities find their way to the integration in the society. However, the integration of immigrants and minorities in the society occurs in different ways for different immigrants and minorities. What is meant here is the fact that immigrants and minorities may have different ways to integration and their level of...

Managing Rate Risk

One of the risks of entering the global market is the risk associated with exchange rates. Companies entering foreign markets should take this risk into account, because the fluctuations of exchange rates can significantly affect their competitive advantage and increase costs. Factors which might be affected by exchange rate risks include the company’s financial performance, transaction costs, pricing and competitive position compared to other market players (especially domestic ones) (BNET Editorial , 2010). Thus, all...

Managing Rate Risking Rate Risk Essay

Foreign exchange rates affect all kinds of international financial transactions, and any company doing business in several countries should necessarily consider the risks associated with foreign exchange rates. Individual investors should also be aware of these risks, and also adopt a strategy of managing foreign exchange risks. One of the most common strategies of managing exchange rate risks is hedging, which allow to reduce risks through taking positions at the futures market opposite to existing...