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The main aim of this paper is to describe a significant event that had a place in my life, and occurred before I reached adulthood. In addition, I am also going to tell how this event has had a life-shaping effect on my life.
To start, I want to say that this event is connected with photography. In our time, all people recognize a photo art implicitly. The new approach to photography affects contemporary society in many ways: we can see it in the appearance of photography courses in universities, in the cult of talented photographers, and in the influence of photography on modern life. Photography captured positions everywhere – in museums, universities, offices, private homes, etc. Each significant event in human life requires a presence of photographer because this person captures every event, every step, constantly indicating that we exist in space and time.
Thinking about a significant event in my life, I want to say that it was a visit of photography classes. This event has had a place in my life not so many years ago, thus, I remember everything with many details. These photography classes were created by a prominent photographer of our time, and as for me, it was a kind of deep immersion in other world full of other emotions and feelings. To add, photography was my hobby for many years, and maybe this fact has made a visit of photography classes so meaningful event in my life.
Discussing why the memory of the photography classes left so bright memory traces, I can say that this fact can be explained from the psychological point of view. Firstly, it was very emotional event in my life because my dream came true, and secondly, the classes gave me not only theoretical knowledge about the art of photography, but they were also full of practice. According to Schutz & Pekrun (2007), emotional memory is the memory of the senses. This type of memory is our ability to memorize and reproduce the feelings. Thus, emotions are always signaled on how satisfied our needs and interests, as implemented our relations with the outside world. Therefore, emotional memory is very important, and it helped me to remember everything from my classes completely accurate. In addition, according to Strongman (2003), there was also involved a motor component of my direct inclusion into the process of photography. I had a good opportunity to practice everything gained during the classes in my own life, and it is rather hard to forget about something that was made in practical way.
Determining the effect the visit of photography classes has had on my subjective well-being, it is possible to mention that I became more self-confident and creative person. The classes changed my attitude to surrounding reality, making me more interested in all events around me, and my new approach to life has changed attitude of my friends to me. They begin to respect me much more because I gained new knowledge in unknown to them area of life, and I was ready to share my new experience with others. It was a kind of social mobility in my life, which influenced my future life and development.
Of course, my new experience and all the emotions of the significant event have played a big role in the continued development of my personality. Shawcross (1997) stated that “To call photography a language is both true and false. It’s false, in the literal sense, because the photographic image is an analogical reproduction of reality, and as such it includes no discontinuous element that could be called sign: there is literally no equivalent of a word or letter in a photograph. But the statement is true insofar as the composition and style of a photo function as a secondary message that tells us about the reality depicted and the photographer himself: this is connotation, which is language”. In such a way, I have realized that photography is not impartial mirror of the world, an artist in the art of photography is able to express personal attitude to the phenomenon of imprinted on the image through the camera angle shooting, the light distribution, light and shade, the transfer of identity of nature, the ability to choose the time of shooting, etc. Thus, becoming a photographer I have changed my aesthetical perception of the world, mastering the world and people around me in more specific way.
Determining the positive impact of the above described event on my overall health I can say that it helped me to cope with stressors better because my hobby made me more patient to people and other stress factors. For instance, I could become nervous from many facts and situations in my past, while I found the way to cope with my problem during looking self-made photos where my friends and I were photographed in our best day. Thus, my visit to photography classes gave me an opportunity to find new friends, and to organize the own life in more efficient way.
To sum up, I have described a visit of photography classes as a significant event in my life, and explained why it was so from both personal and psychological points of views. Of course, some people can say that a visit of classes may be an ordinary thing, but as for me, it was a turning point of my life. The classes helped me to find my way in this life, and helped me to change my position relative to some hardships and difficulties.

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