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As the company just starts its business, it can use the internet as the mainstream media to promote its services. The target customer groups of the company are tourists. Therefore, internet will help to reach them fast and easy, while customers will be able to obtain all the information they want to know about the company and its services online. In addition, the company can spread leaflets in the local community and the area to inform local population and tourists about its services directly.
The promotion will also include the use of social networks, such as Facebook. The use of social networks like Facebook will attract customers and provide the company with positive feedback as customers can share information about services of the company. In addition, the company can use YouTube to create a video clip to promote services offered by Powder Express. In such a way, the company will become closer to customers, while customers will be able to assess the quality of services and learn information about services of the company from their home using internet.
In addition, the company can use print media to promote its services and to attract customers. For instance, the company can use local print media and specialized travel print media to attract customers. Powder Express can cooperate with these media and provide customers with coupons providing them with discounts on Powder Express’ services. Customer purchasing specialized print media or local media will also get information on Powder Express’ services and coupons with discounts. Therefore, the company can attract customers and increase their satisfaction due to financial benefits for customers.
The company can use sponsorship to attract the customer attention and improve its public image. For instance, the company can provide its buses for charitable services, especially when the number of customers drops, for instance during summer time. Powder Express can provide its buses to local communities or the company can offer a special bus for children with disabilities.
3.7.4 Product and Service
The transportation service is the main service of the company. However, the company can offer additional services, such as offering guides for tourists. All the services should be of the top quality to meet the strategic goal and mission of the company – to reach the high level of the customer satisfaction. The quality of services is crucial for the marketing success of Powder Express.
The company will offer transportation services to its customers. For this purpose, the company will employ buses that will transport clients throughout the area. Customers will travel in comfortable buses and they will save their time since buses will deliver them to the destination fast. Buses will be cheap and affordable for average clients.
The bus will provide shuttle services making trips comfortable and funny. Each bus will be equipped with comfortable seats, television, climate conditioning system, and other equipment that makes the trip comfortable. In addition, the company will offer services of a guide. Each bus may have a guide and, if customers want, they can order guide services. The guide will help them to learn information about landmarks of the area, its peculiarities, and help them to get acquainted with the local natural environment.
3.7.5 Marketing Research
The target customer group of Powder Express comprises customers at the age of 18 to 54 with the average income of less than $30,000 and $30,000 – $50,000. Basically, the company offers its services at affordable price. In this regard, the marketing research has revealed the fact that $3 per ride is the optimal price customers are ready to pay for services of the company, whereas $12 per day is the optimal fee for rides during the day. In such a way, the company can introduce its services and attract its target customers to develop its business successfully.

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