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Currently, many people are afraid to speak publicly. Sometimes people may lose their tongues even with the idea that it is necessary to speak in public. But there always exists a means to cure almost every illness, and public speaking fears are not an exception. Thus, the main aim of this assignment is to explore public speaking fears with more details, understanding the main mechanisms of their emergence, and possible ways to overcome them in both psychological and physical ways.
At the beginning, it is necessary to mention that fear of public speaking is a common phenomenon. Almost all people are afraid of speaking. Moreover, Muris (2007) stated that even many experienced speakers feel excitement when they need to start speaking with a new theme, or before an unfamiliar audience. Being honest, I also have some public speaking fears, and I dislike several moments in this process. My first dislike is to make the first step before the audience, and begin speaking because the first step is the most hard to do. It is hard to feel that all people are looking at you, and are waiting for your words. My second dislike is to be interrupted during my speech. It seems to me that it is a kind of lack of respect to a speaker, and it is always hard to continue the own speech, because the audience begins to discuss something, and it is hard to grab the audience’s attention again and again.
I believe that cognitive psychology is best suited for providing psychological insight into my dislikes in the process of public speaking. On the one hand, cognitive psychology is able to explain the nature of different fears, and public speaking fears are also among them. On the other hand, exactly cognitive psychology helps to connect person’s emotions with their specific behavioral demonstrations. It seems to me that it is always necessary to indicate the reason of one or another fear, and only then to look for possible ways to overcome this fear. Thus, for the purpose to get rid of public speaking fears, it is important to understand the reasons of their occurrence.
Analyzing the own behavior, and its biological bases, I found that I am afraid of negative reactions of others, making the first step before the audience. Such situation has a place because I feel that many people are looking at me, and it is hard to realize that they can dislike me for some actions or deeds. In this case, I should find the way to percept the reality in a proper way. For instance, not all people should love me, and everyone cannot approve everything that I do in my life or can say to the audience. O’Loghlin (2006) noted that it is not necessary to wait for positive reactions from the audience’s side because to expect only a positive reaction means to subject the own psyche to inexplicable anxiety, grief, especially if we notice that someone dislikes us. Moreover, trying to gain approval, love and acceptance of others, we can lose autonomy, self-confidence, integrity and depth of the own personality. In addition, taking into account my second dislike, I want to say that it is necessary to think about the own feelings and emotions, and to prepare future public speeches instead of developing the own fears by fabrication possible and impossible situations that may happen during the speech.
To continue I need to say that engaging in public speaking affects my state of consciousness in different ways. For instance, sometimes I am afraid to look foolish, and not to be at the own best, etc. In this case, it will be good to allow oneself to be imperfect, to make a mistake, and then the fear of the negative opinions of others will gradually leave both mind and heart. It is necessary to remember that a human can not (and should not!) be perfect and achieve success in any field of the own activity, and to be absolutely perfect in every business. It is really impossible to be perfect in everything in life. According to Mccarthy & Hatcher (1996), anyone who has set the goal to be always perfect is doomed to endless torment and disturbing thoughts about the past and possible failures. Of course, we must strive for the heights, to the productive activities, etc. But it is important to realize that human activity and success (even in public speaking) depend on a variety of constraints, and different failures may happen against the human will and his/her strong wish to be perfect. In addition, for the purpose to relax and to organize the own thoughts in a specific order, it is recommended to use relax techniques of special breathing. In such a way, some simple physical actions may help to overcome psychological stress in difficult situations.
Discussing the role that learning has had on the fact that I dislike the things I have described previously, I need to say that my fears have very deep roots, which have their beginning in the early childhood. It is true that little children cannot focus their attention on one subject for a long time, and it was very hard to grab the audience’s attention in my class. But exactly today, studying different psychological theories and approaches to various problems and fears, I have understood that it is possible to develop the own personality and to overcome any fear by analyzing the situation and the roots of its emergence, and implementing specific techniques into practice.
In conclusion, I have discussed public speaking fears, using many examples from my own life for the purpose to demonstrate an understanding of the topic in the frames of psychological attitude to the problem.

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