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3.1 Mission
The mission of the Powder Express is to deliver services of the high quality to reach the high level of the customer satisfaction and serve to interests of the local community. In such a way, the mission of the company focuses on the creation of the positive image of the company in the market and attraction a possibly larger number of customers due to its high quality of services. The community support of the local community is very important for the company because, in such a way, Powder Express can reach positive effects in its marketing performance and minimize the risk of the public pressure that can prevent the company from the further business development.
3.2 Marketing Objectives
The marketing objectives of Powder Express are diverse. First, the company has to take the lead in the market that is probably the easiest and the most achievable objective, because, today, the company is the only company providing transportation services. Therefore, the company can become the leader in its industry as there are no competitors in the market, although tourists can prefer traveling on foot and the company should consider options to attract customers to its services. Hence, another objective of Powder Express is to attract a possibly larger number of customers. Powder Express attempts to gain its large market share and to keep its customer satisfied and loyal to the company. The third objective of Powder Express is to improve the quality of its services to reach the high level of the customer satisfaction. This objective meets the mission of the company fully. At the same time, the high quality of services need efficient employees performance and management, while the high level of the customer satisfaction will enhance the position of the company in the market.
3.3 Financial Objectives
At the moment, financial objectives of Powder Express focus on balancing the customer satisfaction and revenues of the company. In fact, the company is ready to refuse from certain share of its profits for the sake of the higher customer satisfaction. At the same time, the company cannot sacrifice its profits for customers. Therefore, the current marketing objective of Powder Express is to raise its sale rates by 10% each year in the course of the following three years and by 7% in three-five years period. The profit of the company should be no less than 2-3% in the course of the three years from now on, and at least 3% in three-five years perspective. The company focuses on rising its profitability after three years of operations, since 3% is minimum, while the actual objective is 7% rise of profitability of the company due to the higher sale rates, larger number of customers, more diverse services, and, if necessary, higher price. Liabilities of the company should grow proportionally to its revenues.
3.4 Target Marketing
The target market of the company is the local market but the target customer group of Powder Express is broad because the company relies on tourists mainly, while the local population is likely to comprise a smaller part in the total number of customers of the company. Tourists attending the area could be of different age from 18 to 54, while children can get access to Powder Express on the condition of being supervised by their parents. The broad range of the target customer group will help the company to reach its financial and marketing objectives. At the same time, services offered by Powder Express are universal and attractive for virtually all customers. The only limitations to the access to Powder Express’ services are limitations related to the health of patients and their individual preferences. In fact, the company attempts to attract the large customer group to expand the scope of its operations and to attract a possibly larger number of customers. They can help customers to enjoy traveling throughout the area using Powder Express’ services. At the same time, time the company provides its customers with comfortable transportation services to increase their level of satisfaction and to keep customers loyal to the brand.

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