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When I first saw the description of this course and studied the objectives I realized that I had expected the course to be wider and to embrace more fields of discussion within the main issue. Though, when I started this course I soon came to the conclusion that it was designed quite properly and it integrated the most topical problems related to Human Resource Management. Besides, the structure of the course presupposes deepening students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. As we see, lectures were supplemented with unsupervised tasks. The course also incorporates research and analytical work.
During the course, I have improved my research skills. I have learned to identify the most necessary information, to sort and to structure it. I have improved my skills in effective presentation of information. I have managed to develop my skills of analytical and reflective thinking within the course study. I have gained more knowledge in Human Resource Management and specific challenges and problems which managers face in their every day work. To my mind, the knowledge I have managed to gain will be a good basis for further studies in this area. I think that the main result of the course is that I feel more confident for working as a manager, as I am aware of my possible challenged and problems. I can not say that I know how to solve all the problems which I may face but I know what I should rely on and take into consideration in my work. I feel more ready for gaining practical experience in working as a manger.
The course incorporates different types of tasks which require a number of academic skills. I can say that I am quite satisfied with the work I have done within this course study. Though, I think my work could be more effective. First of all, I was always ready to take part in class discussions. But I suppose I was not active enough and spent too much time on listening instead of participating as a speaker. It gave me an opportunity to analyze other participants’ points of view though prevented me from improving my own communicating skills. I am able to work with on-line materials quit effectively and often find rather interesting pieces of information on the web. Though, while preparing for this course, I tried to rely on lectures and printed sources. I have found several interesting video materials containing seminars and trainings related to the issues discussed within this course. Though, I decided that I should not use them. Later I found time to watch the material I had found. I realized that they contained a lot of useful information I could suggest to discuss in class. So, the better way for me was not to ignore all the sources I had managed to find. Another situation gave me an idea that some tasks that were planned as individual ones could benefit greatly from being group projects. After one of the classes I had a chance to share the results of my research and analytical work with my peer-student and we both realized that we could have coped with the task much more effectively if we did it together. In my opinion, I could also benefit much while preparing for my classes within the course with more emphasis of integrating the course material with other subjects. After completing several tasks within the course, I started to study the issues deeper and came across additional information in psychological sources. I realized that I could have prepared much better for my previous tasks if I integrated this information into it.
One of the most interesting but difficult issues for me was current laws relevant to human resources management. The main difficulty lies not in a manager being aware of these laws but being able to apply them to routine situations. Although, this issue seems to be quite theoretical it should be presented with emphasis on its practical implementation. I suppose that the best way to present this information is to give real situations as examples of the laws implementation into practice or suggest students to think over or to find situations demonstrating these laws. Another problem that seemed rather difficult for me was performance appraisal. I think that more attention should be paid to this issue. First, the goals of the performance appraisal were not quite clear to me. The difference between the two types of performance appraisal and their specific characteristics should be discussed from a more practical side. I suppose that the best way to present this information is video demonstration. It will not take much time, however it will cover both theoretical and practical part.
To my mind, I will be able to measure the future effect of what I have learned in this course when studying courses related to this one. I will be able to evaluate how knowledge and skills gained within this course help me in comprehending and processing new information. The best way to implement my skills and knowledge is gaining practical experience, though. So, I am sure that skills and knowledge gained within this course will affect my future work in a positive way.
To my mind, all the objectives of the course have been achieved and during the course study. Besides, discussing and studying the key concepts of the course, we had an opportunity to analyze the whole information and to integrate all the concepts we had studied. It helped me systematize my knowledge and shape my skills and abilities.

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