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At will employment is a highly controversial issue because on the one hand, at will employment is one of the factors that contributes to the steady economic development of the US, whereas, on the other hand, at will employment limits rights of employees and allows employees to fire employees without any cause at all. In such a situation, the regulation of at will employment norms is necessary to protect employees’ rights and liberties and to prevent unreasonable job cuts.
Essence of at will employment
In fact, at will employment is a fundamental doctrine of American law that defines employer-employee relations in regard to the employment. The at will employment concept implies that employers and employees are free in their employment relations. This means that employers are free to hire and fire employees with no liability and similarly employee can employ and break the job with no liability, if there is no express contract between parties. In such a way, employers and employees are free in their employment relations. On the other hand, at will employment raises the problem of the loss of job because of the unfair employment policy conducted by the employer. As the employer can fire an employee without any explanation, employees may lose their jobs without any obvious reason.
Exceptions to at will employment
However, there are exceptions to at will employment. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish the public policy exception, which states that employer cannot fire an employee if it would violate the state’s public policy doctrine or a state or federal statute. For instance, if an employee is fired because of activities that meet public policy, the employer cannot fire the employee. In addition, an employer cannot fire an employee as well as an employee cannot abandon the job, if there is an implied contract between an employee and employer. The implied contract is an oral agreement between the parties, even though there is no express, written contract.
Concerns over Dan’s termination
In case of Dan’s termination, actions of the manager was unfair and illegal. Even though he fired Dan because he was employed at will but Dan could reveal activities violating legal norms concerning Medicaid funding and use of costs. In such a way, Dan could be fired out of sheer fear of the employer that he would report to the authorities about illegal activities. In such a case, Dan’s at will employment undergoes the public policy exception.
Thus, at will employment is quite controversial but still exceptions help to regulate at will employment and to protect employees’ rights.

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